Consumer Experience &

Business Strategy Consulting

Building Exceptional Experiences

We help small for- and nonprofit business owners, from launch to maturity, develop and execute a 3-dimensional customer-experience focused business strategy that shifts the company from competing to leading.





For many, entrepreneurship    brings about fears of failure and  the unknown. For some, ending a primary career presents an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream – a for- or nonprofit  business ownership. However, you do not know where to start or how to execute. 

Our strategy consultancy addresses factors, either internal or external, that influence business development and success. We focus on enhancing your customers’ experiences;as a result, you are positioned to increase market share. 

Market/Industry Research

Launching or sustaining a business leaves very little time to research changes in the market pertaining to consumers’ expectations and experiences. Profit and loss statements and annual reports can tell a company's activities throughout the prior year; however, it may not convey customer sediments about the company or industry as a whole. 

Small Business Consulting

Consumer  Experience Consulting

Customers know value not based on the product or service you provide, but based on how they feel and what they experience. Therefore, it is important to understand how to deliver the best product or service based on the right foundation – the customer experience.

Having to wear so many hats as a small business owner can lead to innovation stagnation and vision blurriness. We help small business owners and entrepreneurs strategically transition into a more productive and efficient way of managing your vision and mission.

Team Mission Consulting

Every employee that works, either on the front-line, in the back office, or executive suites play a critical role in defining what customers experience. Customers receive the best experiences when members of the organization are well-versed on the company’s vision, not just mission.


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