The Company

P Cube Consulting LLC was founded in 2016 by Dr. Sharon Kelley

 (President & CEO) to provide knowledge and resources to for- and nonprofit entrepreneurs and small business owners. As a researcher of business behavior, procedures, and performance at every level of an organization, Sharon identified the value of the customer experience as an important, but missing link in the success of any business.


We assist small business owners in the areas of strategic management, program/project management, and logistics management using the customer’s perspective to create innovative plans to help launch or grow a business.


We know the value and influence of the customer experience. As well as the importance of professional and personal fulfillment for every member of the organization.  As a small business strategic planning and consumer experience consultancy, we focus on assisting small business owners with competing less on price and more on the value of the customer experience – experience is a value proposition that can’t be duplicated.


We help non-profit visionaries establish a community presence that connects with donors; we help for-profit entrepreneurs and small business owners launch, growth, and sustain in extremely competitive markets.


As a company, we recognized the old adage “the customer is always right” may be a concept only read in retired books about business operations.  However, the invention and expansion of the Internet have replaced “the customer is always right” with “the customer is well-informed and always searching."   

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Our mission is to offer small business owners and entrepreneurs innovative and relevant strategies that optimize the value of  consumers’ experiences


Our vision is to generate the most customer-centric strategies, ideas, and solutions, where our 3-dimensional (People, Purpose, Perspective) customer experience model becomes the gold standard for small business ownership.


Jacqueline Davis,

From Heart to Heart, Inc

Without Sharon's help my dream of starting a nonprofit would have been put on hold for another year. She explained everything to me in terms that I could understand, offered helpful advice, and over all made this an easier experience than I was expecting. She was extremely efficient and helpful throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing this service. 

Brenanna Brown

Jesus Empowerment Ministries

Dr. Kelley did a phenomenal job in helping us to re-brand our non-profit. I felt the topics discussed were very well articulated; in a sense that she could see exactly where our organization was presently and how to transform it into an organization that was focused back on its original intent. I really loved how she helped us to truly define our mission and vision statement. As well as helped us to better gauge our audience with services that would best suit their needs. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone, anywhere

Grace Thomas

Thank you, Dr. Sharon. I gained so much understanding and clarity. I thought I was ready to move forward to finding a grant writer, but after Dr.Sharon worked with me I realized I didn't have a clear message.


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