Market Research Consulting

Launching or sustaining a business leaves very little time to research changes in the market pertaining to consumers’ expectations and experiences. Profit and loss statements and annual reports can tell a company's activities throughout the prior year; however; it may not convey customer sediments about the company or industry as a whole. Customer experiences open the door to innovation and opportunities.


We provide an overview of not just the market based on who your consumers are or maybe, what those consumers want and how much they'll pay, but we examine the emotions connected to customers’ expectations and experiences. Unlike some business consultancies, we examine the market and industry from the customer’s perceptive that results gaps and opportunities that can be exploited. We provide context and content gained from online reviews and surveys.

Receive business & life 

strategy tips

To spend money on marketing before you understand your market and industry will guarantee less than positive results to your bottomline and customer experience.

Determining what makes your business unique is necessary to define your place in the market successfully. Therefore, why should you receive pre-formatted, ineffective, canned industry reports? We don’t provide industry reports.


At P Cube Consulting, we know that every customer interaction is unique, so we focus on how your product or service meet that need. EVERY analysis we do is CUSTOMIZED for each unique client.


We collect data about the market and industry using quantitative (statistical analysis, graphs, charts) and qualitative (interviews, articles, review websites) to give you a more accurate and balanced picture the industry and market.


We use the right mix of techniques and methodologies to gain the most useful and truthful results.

  • Articles: newly published articles about industry topics, peer-reviewed articles

  • Forecast reports: Trusted reports, research, and market watch indices

  • Surveys: Customized electronic questionnaires 

  • Interviews:  Employees, customers, executives, business owners, industry experts

  • Townhall meetings: roundtables, idea funneling, and executive forums

  • Online reviews: rating, ranking, comments


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