Customer Experience Consulting

This is the heart, passion, and purpose of our company – People remember the experience more than the product, service, or PRICE

Have you ever wondered what customers thought about your company BEFORE they posted it online?


Customers know value not based on the product or service you provide, but based on how they feel and what they experience. Therefore, it is important to understand how to deliver the best product or service based on the right foundation – customer experience. 


Electronic word-of-mouth via social media makes it possible for entrepreneurs and small business owners to the expand their reach and influence faster and further. Likewise, customers’ opinions can influence the perception of others about a company. Beyond online data collection and analytics that assist with identifying customer behavior, we can help you develop a strategic plan based on real-time experiences that may not be captured by computer software accurately.


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Managing your company’s customer experience mission means overseeing every aspect of the customer’s journey starting with the concept of the product or service and determining that the experience never really ends. Most companies view the customer experience as individual interactions and transactions; hence, the overuse of internal surveys that fail to get the type of customer response every executive would like to receive.


So what is causing the disconnect? Company leaders are not listening to the customers who are indeed speaking but on their own terms. Most customers see every interaction or touch point as one grand experience journey with the company. From the customer’s perceptive, their experiences reveal the company’s view and value of those who have made the decision to paid for the service or product.


We assist small for- and nonprofit company’s with optimizing interactions to maximize customer loyalty. We focus on activities designed to move beyond individual touch points to the entire journey from the customer's perspective.  

We help create or refine workflow activities to ensure the customer’s perspective is considered and at the forefront to produce consumer-centric results.


We use 6 pillars to design customer-centric engagements. We assist clients in:


  • Understanding the customer’s true need and behavior

  • Maximizing personalized interactions based on specific needs

  • Creating effective visual maps that reflect customers' journeys using data-driven research

  • Segmenting customers based on variety of dimensions, including needs, goals and touch points

  • Developing loyalty through positive emotional experiences

  • Capturing customer perceptions to measure customer journey


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