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For many, entrepreneurship brings about fears of failure and the unknown. For some, ending a primary career presents an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream – a      for- or nonprofit business ownership. However, you do not know where to start or how to execute. 


For many, the thought of entrepreneurship brings fears of failure and the unknown. For others, ending a primary career or deciding to step away from full-time employment presents an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream – small business ownership. Entrepreneurship is achievable! Having a dream and plan for business ownership is one thing, but having the right strategy to get your business successfully up and running requires confidence, clarity, and consistency.

Just like using a GPS while your drive, sometimes you need more than a roadmap or voice command, you need to trust your instincts and the process. You are more than ready; you need to know that you can overtake obstacles and overcome fear.


Uncertainty will cause you to repeat the same step of your journey numerous times because you believe you must do things perfectly instead of right. In the fog of over-analysis, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and defeated. The result, you never move forward in the plan.


We assist for- and nonprofit entrepreneurs with overcoming fear and uncertainty by coaching them through five-part barrier removal plan, and then we walk them through the basics of starting a business – but, from the right position – Purpose.


We can assist with, but not limited to:


                                        Vision Clarity                  

                                        Org Formation Documents                  

                                        Name Selection               

                                        Employer Id Number                

                                        Business Budgeting                  

                                        Target Audience Identification            

                                        Business Structure          


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