Consulting and Coaching Services

We use your experiences to establish, brand and maintain consumer trust in small businesses.

So many people secretly want to start a for- or non-profit business, but just too afraid of failure or locked in the mindset that they don’t know enough to start or maintain a business. Ironically, those who enter the market of business ownership sometimes faces the hard reality of the business of doing business; thus, never experiencing the dream they envisioned.

We are here to help create strategic solutions to complex problems. 


At P Cube Consulting, our business is to help people overcome fear and hesitation so that they can launch, grow, and maintain their small for- or nonprofit business. We are unique because we create innovative strategies for non- and for-profit business owners based on the consumer’s perspective of the customer experience. And, we focus on internal employee experiences that plays a major role in the overall customer value and experience model. We work with clients at every phase of business from startup to maturity.

We assist business owners and entrepreneurs in answering the question - what experiences make us unique and worth our customers' time, recommendation, and return? 

We provide seven core services

     Business Startup Coaching

     Small Business Coaching

     Team Mission Coaching

     Customer Experience Consulting

     Strategy & Innovation Consulting

     Market/Industry Research Consulting

     Work-Life Strategy Coaching

We provide solutions and results using the organization's AND customers' experiences and perspectives.  The customer-focused strategies are useful to your company's:

Operation management

Program/project management

Logistics management

Business processes


Believe it or not, these disciplines are critical to the overall customer experience. In today’s market, the greatest vulnerability to any small business is failing to understand the influence and value of the customer experience. Less than 50 percent of business leaders understand how the customer experience drives business results. 

We provide specific solutions from your specific problems. Learn more about our consulting and coaching services by clicking the service link.

If you are looking for a business solution to a challenge not addressed here, call or email us. It would be our honor to work with you on finding the right strategy to gain the best results.


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